Last updated - 19 Apr 08

Hi All current/soon-to-be FD2R owners,

This thread is to answer most frequently asked questions about FD2R. Please refer to the following thread for your queries, before you post your question/s.

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1. General Information
- FD2R Technical Specifications
- Review on Civic Type R (FD2)
- All you need to know about stock ECU
- Insurance Premiums

2. Where to buy ( PI / Support workshop Q&A)
- List of PI/Workshops

3. Fuel Consumption Q&A
- Fuel Consumption for FD2R

4. Mod stuffs
- General FD2 Poison Guide
- Myths about mods
- Exos difference between FD2R and FD2

5. Engine Maintenance ( oil / spark plugs etc. )
- How to run in new engine?
- Super Engine Oil Thread
- Transmission Oil
- Useful Gauges For CL7R
- Engine Oil, How many Litres?

6. Stockist for parts
- Part Number List

7. Interior upgrades ( pedals / steering wheels / leather seats / ICE)
- Refer to Poison Guide

8. Lighting issues/queries
- HID light bulbs approved and non approved

9. Problems
- Aircon Smell
- Squeaking Sounds
- ECU Recall

10. Others
- Points Deduction info + TP Price List

11. DIY/Technical Information
- Installing Aircon Filter

Fellow FD2R owners/drivers pls help contribute and pm me if you want your contribution to be included in this FAQ.