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Thread: Vendors Please Look Here

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    Default Vendors Please Look Here

    Advertisement Folder
    Terms & Conditions

    1. This folder is created exclusively to cater to the needs of our vendors/members who wish to advertise their profit-driven services and products in

    2. All profit-driven services/products will be classified under folder “Advertisement” and will require a subscription which is chargeable at a nominal fee.

    3. All vendors in will be required to post their advertisements in this folder. They will not be allowed to post in the general FOR SALE folder, and are not allowed to advertise any of such posts in any other folders in the forum other than the designated Advertisement folder. Any members found violating this requirement, will have their threads removed immediately – without notification (neither prior nor thereafter) from the moderators. Repeated violators will have their login account suspended/removed.

    4. If either one or all of the following criteria are met, a member will be classified as a vendor and thus be required to subscribe for the use of the Advertisement folder.

    * Selling multiple quantities of the same item
    * Explicit profit-driven sales (e.g. grooming services, housing sales, new/use cars, loan services, etc since they’re not going to be done for free and involves profit/commission taking).
    * “half-cut” parts.

    5. This new premium service from the club comes with a nominal fee, but it will also ensure that you get to enjoy the following premium benefits:

    * Unlimited replies to the thread (you will be able to handle all queries directly in the thread, giving you full flexibility and interaction with potential buyers)
    * Maximum exposure (folders are visible even to non-registered members)
    * No more worries of your threads being over-crowded with the other general sale threads

    6. Charges for subscription:
    * 6 month package: S$100.00
    Validity of thread = 6 month

    * 12 months package: S$200.00
    Validity of thread = 12 months

    Vendors/members who are interested in subscribing, kindly contact any of the moderators for more details.

    7. The Guidelines may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the forum administrators.

    8. Disclaimer: hereby disclaims all liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused to any person directly or indirectly as a result of their use of these forums.
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